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Coordinator and main point of contact:  Professor Adam N. Letchford, Lancaster University.

Lancaster University:

Nottingham University:

Cardiff University:

Southampton University:

  • Professor Tolga Bektas: integer programming (especially decomposition, relaxation, branch-and-cut); logistics and network design.
  • Professor Joerg Fliege: nonlinear optimisation, fast local search algorithms, multiobjective optimisation, distributed computing.
  • Dr Banafsheh Khosravi: metaheuristics; lot sizing, railway scheduling, disruption management.
  • Dr Tri-Dung Nguyen: algorithms in cooperative game theory.
  • Professor Chris Potts: combinatorial optimisation (especially branch-and-bound, local search, approximation algorithms); machine scheduling.
  • Dr Houduo Qi: semi-definite programming: theory and algorithms.
  • Dr Yue Wu: non-linear programming (especially non-convex conic problems); logistics and supply chain management.