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Transport & Logistics

Transport and Logistics

The Transport and Logistics research cluster deals with the efficient operation of systems for passenger transportation, and for the production and distribution of goods.

Although Operational Researchers have worked on such issues for many years already, new challenges are constantly arising as both passenger transportation networks and supply chains become ever more complex, and new demands, technologies and regulations emerge. In addition, managing demand e.g. by means of pricing has for many firms an impact on subsequent transportation and logistic challenges, hence we also include revenue management in our studies.

An important example of a new challenge is the ever-increasing interest in "green" (environmental and sustainability) issues from industry, government and the general public. Innovative new OR models and methodologies are needed to underpin new processes and to incorporate new environmentally friendly objectives and regulations. (More information can be found here). Our latest recent development is "reverse logistics", where the aim is to analyse and optimise the use of recycled and remanufactured materials at different stages ofthe production process.

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