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The LANCS Initiative is built on a collaboration between four U.K. Universities: Lancaster, Nottingham, Cardiff and Southampton.

About The LANCS Initiative

The U.K.'s Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council granted 5.4 million to support the development of research capacity in Operational Research at four U.K. Universities (LAncaster, Nottingham, Cardiff and Southampton - LANCS for short). This, together with additional support coming from the universities themselves, means that during the period 2008-2013, a 13 million investment will be made.

  • The principal aim is to strengthen and grow theoretical Operational Research in the UK with a particular emphasis on deepening our theoretical understanding of complex and uncertain real world problem solving environments.
  • The objective is to develop a network of internationally leading research activity which will be collaborative among the four institutions.
  • It will also undertake an exciting, ambitious and far reaching collaborative research programme of industrial, scientific and public outreach to generate maximum academic, commercial and social impact.
  • The research will also extend to national involvement beyond the consortium.

To obtain an overview we suggest to see press articles about the LANCS Initiative and visit the brief descriptions of the research clusters.

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Collaborating Institutions:

  • School of Management

  • School of Computer Science

  • School of Mathematics

  • School of Mathematics & School of Management